About me

My name is Bill and, as you can tell, I am an avid collector of goalie cards.
I live in Indiana (United States), near Louisville, Kentucky, relocating here from Los Angeles, California.

I have been collecting goalie cards for many years and have put together a collection that contains cards of more than 1,030 different goaltenders, ranging from pee-wee to professional.
Also, I have cards from many different countries. Of course there are the major NHL releases from the U.S & Canada, but I also have cards from the Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Russia, Sweden and the UK.

Although I'm sure that there are collectors that have more individual cards than I do (less than 10,500 cards in my collection, at this time) I believe that I have one of the most comprehensive collections of goaltenders, anywhere in the world.

The first web project that I worked on was a page about collecting goalie autographs, for Niklas' Hockey Autographs website. When Nick folded his site, I decided that I would put together my own site. The thought was that it could be used as an archive, and reference, for other goalie collectors.

I know that I will never be able to collect one card of every goalie that has ever had a card but, as they say, it's the thrill of the chase.

Aside from collecting cards, I also play hockey. Yes, I am a goaltender and here's a picture of me on the ice.


So far I have played for four league championships; 2 in roller hockey and 2 in ice hockey. I have won one of each.

This is a picture of Team Prudential, after a 3-0 victory to win the Stanley Keg, on March 26, 2006.

LAHPA C-League Champions

Here are a few pictures of my equipment:
My Mask is an IronHead IEC and was painted by Tony Jarrett of Masked Expressions

             jester flames

My leg pads are Smith SP1000, made by Pete Smith of Smith Hockey

                   Smith Pads

The rest of my equipment is:
Blocker: Vaughn Epic
Catcher: Bionic
c/a:        Simmons 991
Jock:      Brian's Altramax
Pants:     Itech 11.8
Skates:   CCM 452
Sticks:    Sherwood 9950 Lalime pattern


Another one of my great passions is music.
I have been playing bass for more than 20 years and have played in many bands. Although, now, I only play private shows for my young son (and some occasional studio work for one of my friends), the biggest show that I've ever played was for  about 1,200 people, at The Palace in Los Angeles.      

Here's an old picture of me in L.A., with Cartoon Saloon, taken July 31, 1990.
You can hear a couple of our songs by clicking HERE.


And Finally, as to what I do to support all of this?
I am a licensed auctioneer and a partner in one of the oldest, most well known and respected, auction companies in southern Indiana; T&S Auction Services.

Well, enough about me,                                                                                              

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